Oil and Gas Loss Control


Protect your returns right down the line.

At Risk Oversight Inc, we have the Oil and Gas expertise to help transition your company from costly traditional audit approaches to more innovative, practical risk control frameworks—to prevent product theft and ensure consistent reporting.

Do you know where your risks are? Our innovative, cost-effective framework solutions help protect against:

  • Oil production being stolen at the well site by employees and/or third parties.
  • Production being stolen in transit to treatment facilities.
  • Tapping of oil and gas gathering lines.
  • Production being stolen by treatment facility operators or their employees.
  • Systemic under-recording of volumes at sales or producer points, which can lead to systemic product losses.



RO Oil and Gas Expert, Tim Leech. Our risk expert, Tim Leech, FCA CFE CIA, practically wrote the book on Oil and Gas Loss control, and has over 20 years global experience.

  • Broke new ground in the mid-80’s with set up of Gulf Canada Resources’ Oil and Gas Loss Control Unit—one of the first of its kind in the world.
  • Supervisor of Fixed Assets and Land Accounting, responsible for all of Gulf Canada’s land leases and reserve disclosures.
  • Supervisor, Oil Accounting and acting Chief Pipeline Accountant on a number of significant pipelines.
  • Has performed in-depth risk assessments for Oil and Gas companies in the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, the North Sea, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Australia and other locations.

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