Risk Oversight – An Authorized Service Provider of Risk Oversight Solutions

Risk Oversight Inc., an authorized service provider of Risk Oversight Solutions based in Alberta, Canada, provides a variety of traditional services around risk and control management, assurance and support for Boards, Management, and Internal Audit and Compliance professionals. Contact them today for further information.


Outsourced Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) 404 & Canadian NI 52-109 (CSOX)

Risk Oversight has managed, led and provided full and partial outsourced support for numerous SOX and CSOX projects. Our full outsourced CSOX/Internal Control services include; process and policy documentation, test of design effectiveness, definition and refinement of key controls, testing of controls including detailed transactional testing, and formal reporting to Senior Management and the Audit Committee and Board.


Internal Audit Outsourcing and Support

Risk Oversight supports our clients’ existing Internal Audit teams providing outsourced capabilities to support Management and the Board’s needs. We strive to streamline Internal Audit planning to focus resources where they’re really needed therefore providing our clients with a very cost-effective Internal Audit model. We have been engaged in a variety of Internal Audit projects, including:

  • Procurement audits
  • Corporate credit card audits
  • Vendor audits
  • Contract reviews
  • IT audit risk and strategy assessments
  • Process flow and diagraming projects
  • Internal control and process reviews

Process and Policy Documentation

Risk Oversight has a strong reputation and brings considerable expertise in creating exceptional documentation to support the needs of our clients. We believe in helping our clients ensure that their documentation is accurate, clear, understandable and relevant. We complement our process documentation with strong visuals including process diagrams. In addition, Risk Oversight brings considerable experience in helping our clients to define policies and practices. We create policies that are clear, enforceable, engaging and reflective of our clients’ needs.


Outsourced IT Audit

Risk Oversight provides our clients with complete solutions for outsourcing their IT audit programs including design and testing of IT General Controls (ITGCs), IT application controls, IT risk assessments, transaction flows and interfaces, spreadsheets and segregation of duties. We work with our clients to develop IT audit programs that align with our clients’ risks, financial controls and current best practices based on changes to technology, technology risks and current methodologies.


Fraud Investigation and Assessment

Risk Oversight provides fraud investigation services for our clients including support for Management’s need to understand specific cases where fraudulent activities have been discovered or suspected. This includes a detailed review of the relevant documentation, analysis of the breakdown in controls, recommendations for improvement, and formal reporting to improve the control environment and prevent future frauds. In addition, Risk Oversight brings experience in helping our clients to assess their fraud risk and the relevant controls through reviews including interviews and surveys.


Implementation Support

Risk Oversight brings expertise in supporting our clients with special projects specifically with a financial component including ERP and financial system implementations. Risk Oversight helps our clients with implementation activities including requirements gathering, designing and implementing supporting financial processes and controls, data conversions, user acceptance testing, and conducting post implementation reviews.