Do you know where your Risk is? It’s time for a better approach to Risk…

New risk oversight expectations are emerging for Boards, CEOs and CFOs—with escalating pressure from regulators, rating agencies, director associations and shareholders.

Risk Oversight Solutions offers the radically better Five Lines of Assurance approach to risk governance that we call Board & C-Suite Driven/Objective-Centric ERM & Internal Audit.  The Five Lines of Assurance approach we help organizations implement defines specific and practical roles for work units, risk specialist groups, CEOs and the C-Suite, internal audit, and most importantly the Board of Directors.  Our approach has been specifically designed to help companies and their boards meet emerging risk governance requirements and fully integrate strategic planning processes and risk management efforts.   

Call us for help or purchase one of our cost-effective solutions today:

For companies and public sector organizations – purchase a cost effective do-it-yourself copyright license to the globally acclaimed ‘Five Lines of Assurance/Board & C-Suite Driven/Objective Centric’ RiskStatusOversight™ library materials and support, including sample board/management briefings, policies,  reference aids, training materials with guidance and support from a Risk Oversight thought leader.  Rights to the full library of reference materials are $1/employee with a $5000 U.S. minimum license.  Download and browse the RiskStatusOversight™  training and reference aid library here.  Additional details are available via the papers and presentations in the New Publication Release section at right.

For registered charities – licenses for registered charities start at $1 – It’s our contribution to creating a better world.

For consulting firms – board & c-suite driven/objective-centric distributor licences for ERM and internal audit service providers include support, training materials and reference aids.

More and more, Boards and CEOs are on the hook. Know your risk—for increased investor confidence and better risk treatment.  Time for a better response to risk – Call us today.

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Upcoming Events

  • January 20, 2017 – IIA Miami Annual Conference – Miami, Florida

    Join Tim Leech at the IIA Miami’s Conference on January 20, 2017, in Miami on ‘Re-inventing Internal Audit & ERM’. Sign up today to attend 

  • November, 2016 – Torys LLP Session – Duties & Risks for Directors – Toronto, Canada

    Join Lauren Hanlon on November 15, 2016 in Toronto for Torys LLP 2nd Annual Duties & Risks for Directors – the Board Game: A World of Infinite Risks, as she presents ‘Three Lines of Defence vs. Five Lines of Assurance: Elevating the Role of the Board and CEO in Risk Governance’  Sign up today to attend.