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Executives and boards need better information on risk status and uncertainty of achieving strategy and top value creation and preservation objectives

Risk and Uncertainty Analysis

To Optimize Value Creation

Better data on risk status and uncertainty of achieving strategy and objectives leads to better decisions


What is Risk & Uncertainty Management?

  • Focus is on top value creation and preservation objectives.
  • C-Suite and Board decide on how much effort should be invested in assessing risk/uncertainty status and how much independent assurance they want on the data.
  • Key decisions - acceptability of current residual risk and uncertainty status and whether current risk treatments are "optimized" i.e., lowest cost possible combination.
  • Focus is on better decisions to drive long term success.

What makes us different?

  • Over 35 years of experience implementing objective centric risk and uncertainty management frameworks.
  • A focus on equipping our clients to make better decisions on acceptable risk and uncertainty.
  • The ROS framework comes with comprehensive training and reference aids developed through extensive experience and testing in major private and public sector organizations around the world.
  • Our client list includes major public/private sector organizations around the globe.

A Better Response

It’s all we do. We’re a team of highly trained experts. We specialize in helping organizations transition from traditional approaches to ERM and internal audit to Objective Centric Risk and Uncertainty Management. We have over 30 years of global experience assisting organizations in the private and public sectors.

Objective Centric Risk and Uncertainty Management is a revolutionary new approach to risk governance that produces dramatically better results than traditional risk centric/risk register based ERM and point-in-time internal audits of internal controls.

At Risk Oversight Solutions Inc, our solutions are specifically designed to meet current and emerging governance standards, which increasingly require boards to demonstrate how they oversee the effectiveness of the company’s risk and assurance processes. Traditional approaches to risk and internal audit aren't enough. We have the background and training to provide your business with practical risk and uncertainty oversight solutions that work in a rapidly changing world.

Risk Oversight Solutions


Managing Director, Global Services

For over 35 years, Tim has helped hundreds of public and private organizations implement better, more effective solutions to meet emerging and escalating risk and assurance oversight expectations. His analysis of where the risk and assurance professions and public and private organizations should be headed has regularly been proven spot-on by world events. As a risk and assurance management skills trainer, he is recognized globally as one of a handful of “the best of the best”.